Welcome to the Cooperative Digital Blog Pages.

There will be three types of articles on these pages.  "PBX Notes," information for folks who are using Panasonic PBXs*, and occasionally, other brands or types of telephone systems or services.  "Editorials," articles about issues of public interest, usually having something to do with technology, occasionally about bigger issues.  "Advertising," articles about products and services we offer to clients in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.  These headers will appear before the titles to help you find what you're looking for.  

If you want to reply to or comment on something that appears on this page, or post an original article, use our contact form.  From time to time we'll publish items that are interesting and relevant.


*For brevity, the term "PBX" means "a telephone system that has automatic call-routing capabilities, and includes auto-attendant and voicemail."  PBX stands for "Private Branch eXchange."  Historically that meant a "branch" of the public switched telephone network (PSTN), that was connected to a "public exchange" (telco central office), and was owned or operated by a "private" entity, such as a company for its own office, or a building for its commercial tenants.

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